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June's blend of botanicals

Big Trouble Gin

Paying homage to the days when Batch was produced in the basement of our Distiller’s house, this gin is inspired by Shih Tzu, Lo Pan. The distillery dog would scratch at the floorboards from above to notify his master that the gin was ready. A contemporary London Dry Gin: Juniper

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June 2019

Big Trouble Gin

Paying homage to the days when Batch was produced in the basement of our Distiller’s house, this gin is inspired by Shih Tzu, Lo Pan. The distillery dog would scratch at the floorboards from above to notify his master that the gin was ready. A contemporary London Dry Gin: Juniper


May 2019

Ginception Gin

Ginception Gin is a collaboration between Batch’s Head Distiller and Ginception Bar. Given a brief of ‘summer’, our distiller has created a juniper forward gin with notes of juicy peach. Pair with elderflower tonic and garnish with peach, raspberry and a sprig of rosemary.


April 2019

Long Dog Gin

This is a bold, vibrant gin packed full of juicy citrus. 15 carefully balanced botanicals are combined to produce a rich and smooth gin of predominantly blood orange and red grapefruit notes. Distilled by Batch for a client, this is an exclusive release of Long Dog Gin to Batch Innovations members.


March 2019

Garam Masala Gin

Garam Masala Gin is an exploration of Indian ingredients. A blend of spices including tamarind, fenugreek and bay leaf are combined with traditional botanicals. Subtle heat and sweetness are balanced with gentle warmth and spice, resulting in depth and complexity.


February 2019

Long Yin Gin

Distilled by us at Batch HQ but exported to China, this is the first time Long Yin Gin has been available in the UK – exclusively to our members. A range of Chinese botanicals are balanced with juniper to deliver a refreshing, sweet G&T.


January 2019

Apple and Honey Gin

Batch Apple and Honey Gin was originally created for Rosh Hashanah. Our Head Distiller was inspired by the tradition of dipping apples in honey and chose to balance these flavours to produce a sweet, mellow gin. This is the first collaborative gin in the Batch Innovations collection.


December 2018

USA Breakfast Rum

USA Breakfast Rum is barrel-aged. Inspired by classic American breakfast pancakes, it is spiced with maple syrup, pecan nuts and blueberries. This results in a sweet, rich spirit.


December 2018

Pear and Blackberry Gin

A twist on our Pendleside Pear and Cinnamon edition, this ginis distilled and compounded with pear and blackberries. The addition of ginger and cinnamon syrup results in an abundance of festive flavours. This gin is sweet, fruity and subtly spiced.

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November 2018

Colour Changing Raspberry Vodka

Raspberry Vodka a fruity botanical blend, combining apricot, thyme, cranberries, lemon and of course, raspberries. The flavours are balanced to deliver a sweet, berry spirit. Pour in a Mediterranean tonic and watch it change.


October 2018

Halloween Potion

Double, double this gin spells trouble. Fire up the stills and let them bubble! Flesh of lime, skin of lemon. Will this potion be your venom? Finger of citron, head of rose. You will still get juniper on the nose. Guts of pumpkin, tears of Satan. The White Lady of Towneley will awaken.


September 2018

Batch Gin Rummy

Batch Gin Rummy is a cask-aged spirit, made by ageing Batch Gin in the same barrels used for Innovations release #3 – Batch Sherry Cask Rum. With an unusual flavour profile, this complex spirit is a nod to our playful and experimental nature.


August 2018

Batch Hop Vodka

Hop Vodka is a unusual combination of Sorachi Ace hops and botanicals such as dill, orange and lemongrass. Distilled with the Sorachi flavours in mind, this is a savoury, citrus vodka. This creamy spirit is a collaboration between our Head Distiller and Northern Whisper Brewing Co. Best paired with lemon tonic, or used in a Bloody Mary.


July 2018

Batch Jasmine Tea Gin

Jasmine Tea is a subtle, floral gin. With an abundance of summer blossoms on the nose, this deliciously fragrant gin has a soft, lingering sweetness. Botanicals including rose, yerba mate, matcha and jasmine make this gin a perfect pair with elderflower tonic or a floral lemonade.


June 2018

Batch Absinthe Gin

The first of its kind: Absinthe Gin balances the classic flavour of the Green Fairy with juniper. Distilled with wormwood, hyssop, anise and fennel, on the nose this is a savoury gin with hints of coriander. On the palate it gives way to a sweet yet herbaceous profile.


May 2018

Batch Apprentice’s Vodka

A fruity vodka distilled with apple, raspberry, blueberry and vanilla, this Innovation is the Batch Apprentice’s takeover! Created under the watchful eye of our Head Distiller, this vodka is extremely smooth and showcases an up and coming talent! Best paired with sweet vodka based cocktails or Mediterranean tonic.


April 2018

Batch Lime Leaf Gin

A Thai twist on the signature Batch recipe introduces botanicals such as lime leaf, galangal and jasmine. With a fresh, powerful aroma and intense citrus notes on the palate, this gin was inspired by our love for Thai food and its vibrant flavours. A citrus burst and lingering sweetness make this gin refreshing and moreish.


March 2018

Batch Sherry Cask Rum

This golden rum has been barrel-aged in a PX Sherry Cask, resulting in a subtle sweetness and a smooth spirit. On the nose it delivers intense notes of rich, juicy dried fruits and sticky toffee pudding. On the palate, indulge in hints of vanilla and a wash of caramel.


February 2018

Batch Industrial Strength Gin

Industrial Strength Gin is the Batch take on a Navy Gin and a nod to the industrial heritage of our hometown, Burnley. An overproof twist on our signature Gin, with less spice and juniper backbone the addition of melissa results in sweet lemon notes on the nose.


January 2018

Batch Buddha’s Hand Gin

Inspired by classic Chinese flavours including sichuan pepper, star anise, ginger and chrysanthemum, combined with more traditional botanicals. Buddha’s Hand and pomelo deliver delicate citrus notes. A well-balanced gin.